Aaron Copland, a Muslim, and the Resurrection of the Common

WTC-Come-Lord-JesusA priest walks into a convenience store to buy gas for his car; it’s Good Friday, Orthodox style. The Royal Hours have been completed and, back at the church, the body of the Savior adorns the Cross in the midst of the Temple.

The clerk behind the counter says, “Ah … last Friday was a big day for you, huh?”

“You mean Good Friday?” I asked – “Actually, ours is today. I’m Orthodox.”

“Wait. Didn’t the Catholics have theirs last week?” he said.

“Yeah, the Orthodox Church calculates the date differently …”

“Well,” he interrupted, “if you don’t mind my asking, how is Orthodoxy different than …”

Anticipating his query, I went through the whole “One Church-original five patriarchates-split in 1054” thing …

Again, he interrupted, “No, I mean … I’m Muslim. How does your faith differ from mine?”

Um. Y’all? I ain’t never.

He persisted, but more on that later …

For now,  a confession: I do not like Aaron Copland. I mean, Aaron Copland’s music.  First of all, Classical Music stations play Appalachian Spring WAY too much. It might not be so bad if:

ONE – the didn’t mispronounce it AppaLAYchan Spring (or, worse still, AppaLAYSHUN)

And …

Listen to the Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio (for the rest of the story)!

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