My Big Fat Weak Fasting (Or Speaking Wookie During Lent)

Chewbacca-quoteI’ve been thinking:  Don’t make Lenten Resolutions – that is not profitable. Just do what the Church prescribes! Better yet, REPENT. (Whatever that means.)

Stuff pops into my head; often I am to blame – as I set not a watch at the door. I leave the door of my mind unlocked – if not fully open. Even when I make an effort to set a guard, I do so sloppily – as if I am some prize for the demons and not, as I truly am, just a garden variety old sinner.

I don’t believe in reincarnation – and yet my mind reincarnates past wrongs and memories to haunt and harm me. These sad fantasies are often greater monstrosities than that which tempts in reality. But the least little wrong done me by my neighbor is colossal in scope when sifted through that same imagination.

Adam knew this not – and he chose it. I KNOW IT, and choose to forget it in order to choose it again.

The run of the mill temptations – Houston Traffic, human ineptitude, the perceived sins of my brothers and sisters – the beauty of ugliness of another – these I see all to readily. Yet that which kills me from within … SEE IT? (You probably do) – these things I am blinded to. I choose NOT to see. I have twisted the Lord’s teachings and gouged out my eyes, so to speak, NOT so as not to sin … but in vain hopes of not seeing my own sins.

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