Fr Danislav! You Are Not a Woman!

MqpkN6QbDH-4The recent media blitz about a former Olympic star so-called TRANSITIONING into the opposite sex is just kook-koo. Absolutely NUTS. And totally … not new.

First of all – confusion about sex is nothing new. A note to the younger crowd, I don’t typically use the term GENDER, which traditionally refers to language (as in le and la in French), I use the word SEX to refer to male or female or, of course, an act that may produce children – other males and females. If none of this makes sense, you may want to skip this podcast. Unless of course you want to hear what Fr Danislav sounds like in a dress.

DREAMY HARP SOUNDS – I was sleeping when I wrote this, last week it was … when to my surprise, who shows up but my old pal Fr Danislav Gregoriou in drag …

Listen for the rest of the story:

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio!

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