King, Queen, Prince – and a Rebel – at Jiffy Lube

Whether it was the invite to my 30-year high school reunion, or the fantasy that I was losing my hearing, one thing’s for certain: Nothing clears Disco like an oil change. Reminiscences about the dance floor — whilst lying on the floor — at a North Carolina Jiffy Lube …

Back in 1982, I had tickets to a Prince concert … when, long story short, my friend decided not to attend.

But, by goodness, I was determined to see the show.

I was a Junior in college, my car was in the shop, everyone else was busy …

So I did what any rebellious college kid would do: I got my mom to drop me off at the Charlotte Coliseum – and told her that I would surely meet up with someone I knew to give me a ride home.

As a footnote, I must mention that a local friend, the one I was counting on for that ride home, was a black guy whose last name – the moniker he preferred, you’re not going to believe this – was PRINCE.

Y’all, can you imagine trying to find a black guy at a Prince concert named, oh, PRINCE?

You guessed it; it didn’t happen. I was stranded.

Again, doing what any rebellious college kid (who desperately needed a ride home) would do … I called, um, home.

My Dad was working late so, imagine …

There I stood on the sidewalk by the Charlotte Coliseum, complete in trench coat and bandana …

When, what should I see in the distance but my mom coming down the street to pick me up in the family pick-up truck, and on the passenger side was …

Wait for it:

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

Many thanks 2 my producer, Ron Smith, 4 deejaying this episode!

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