Orthodox Houston’s Got Talent!

This past Sunday, St Joseph Antiochian Orthodox Church hosted their annual benefit for Project Mexico / St Innocent Orphanage. This was my first year in attendance — it was a blast!

During one of the numbers performed by the Latin-Jazz Trio, various instruments were passed around for audience participation. That’s my boy, third from left … but the main attraction during this piece was the gal you see right there in front of the bass player, who was shakin’ that tambourine like a Polaroid picture!

Here’s the host priest, Fr Matthew MacKay (and Kh Lynn), no doubt reliving his Woodstock days …

Fr Richard Petranek portrays the Western Rite — now with more cowbell!

The lady, cited above, with the extremely enthusiastic tambourine playing, came close a couple times to knocking silly this adorable PK:

You can’t tell from this picture (actually, all the pics were shot using a Blackberry), but St George parishioner Hanni Farah was so caught up in the music that he literally sprouted wings and flew all around the church hall! (At least, at one point, it seemed likely.)

Then there was the lady who came up to me and swore she had seen me doing opera on YouTube. (Those who have actually heard me sing have never made such an accusation.) She later sent me video …

Actually, I’ve not worn my hair that short in years and there’s no way I could do justice to that dress.

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