The F-word is a Touchstone in Amsterdam

Touchstone‘s Executive Editor Jim Kushiner reflects on the World Congress of Families held in Amsterdam in a three part series at MereComments

I attended Orthodox Divine Liturgy yesterday at the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas, about a 20-minute walk from Central Station. The liturgy was mostly in Dutch. The church is a former Franciscan priory church. A parishioner, a Dutch convert, told me that in Holland you are either a Protestant Calvinist, a Catholic Calvinist, or an atheist Calvinist. He was pretty sure that most of the (tiny) Orthodox minority were Calvinists, too.

In China, noted Steve Mosher, female infanticide soon diminished after the arrival of ultrasound machines. Mosher became interested in the population issues in China when, as an anthropologist at Stanford University, he traveled and studied there in 1980. About that time, the “one-child policy” was instituted and baby girls were dying in villages at high rates. The ultrasound machines allowed for earlier determination of the sex of the baby. He called it “gendercide.”

Kees can der Staaij, of the Reformed Party, stated that he fully supports the declaration and “that’s why our party is not so big in this country.” The natural family–husband, wife, and children–is not the invention of politicians or government but a creation of God. Loud applause ensued, while Sterk and Voordewind abstained.

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