St John Fellowship in Cicero

My visit to St George, Cicero — April 11-13th — for the North American Council (NAC) Fellowship of St John the Divine Lenten Retreat was a true blessing! Pictured here, however, is the only patch of blue seen during the weekend. Ah … Chicago in April.

The serenity found while looking upon the weeping icon of the Mother of God on the iconostasis is hard to put into words. Contrast this image to the one below.

Arggggggggghh! Oh my!

Actually, Fr Fouad Saba, the Assistant Priest at St George Cicero, was a delight! I took this pic hoping to grab his intensity. I did not know, however, that it would radiate out from his image and warble the background. Amazing.

I had the honour of being the keynote speaker for the Retreat entitled “Taking Steps Toward the Kingdom … CHANGE SOMETHING!” The young adults were then divided into small groups (pictured above and below).

Ker-Pow! Ka-blewie! Spuh-lash!

(Fr Fouad is pictured here casting out demons leading a small group.)

A view from the narthex, entering the church.

Honest to goodness, I have no idea what happened here to Fr Nicholas Dahdal’s hand. It was there when I snapped the pic, but my batteries were low. Actually, Fr Nicholas was a warm and generous host, hands down.

That’s me and John & Tonya Maddex (aka Ancient Faith Radio) and their wonder-grand, Elijah.

Peering in past the holy doors, “Through the prayers of our holy fathers, O God be merciful to us and save us!”

Speaking of saints, here’s a beautiful image of the “great cloud of witnesses” — Saints throughout the ages — under the choir loft on the western wall

A close-up of the Pantocrator …

St Herman’s image, found on one of the side entry doors to the altar from the Kliros.

As Fr Nicholas said, even with an empty church one senses the presence of the Saints.

For more in the Parish of St George and the Miraculous Lady of Cicero, Illinois — go HERE.

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