Here Comes Peter Cottontail?

One of the benefits of Orthodox Easter — PASCHA — coming later than Roman Catholic Easter (pssssssssssssssttttt, if you’re Protestant — or, wink, wink, Non-Denominational — you’re following Rome’s calendar) … is reduced prices on chocolates and candies which are mass produced to meet the demand at this time of year.

Though we have lost the original source, many believe there’s an ancient book, now extant, which contains the chocolate canons: rules demanding that the pious celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord with, well, massive amounts of CHOCOLATE.

There are other confections and goodies, too, in addition to chocolate. My kids always enjoy those little marshmallow Peeps that also double as science experiments when used with a microwave …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

Thanks to sources: Fr John Matusiak, Fr Seraphim Holland, and St Raphael of Brooklyn.

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