OCF at the T Bar M

Just for fun, here are some pics from the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) Lenten retreat, originating from Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church, which took place the first weekend in April in the Texas Hill Country near New Braunfels.

Either an ice breaker or the hokey pokey gone bad.

Okay. Definitely the hokey pokey gone bad!

Apparently, two college kids sharing fasting recipes.

Texas the first weekend in April; small groups at T Bar M.
This pic was taken just before everyone was, unfortunately, vaporized by that menacing light coming through the side wall.

One the one hand, virtue; on the other hand …
Slummin’ at the T Bar M. (The guy in the Texas-T, Sergei, is from Moscow. I served as his “straight man” for the weekend. What a hoot!)
I suspect this is a universally common sight: college kids … followed by a laundry basket.
Our chanters for the Retreat, Alex (GOA) & David (ROCOR).
So long from New Braunfels, Texas!

Pictured are students from University of Texas, Texas A & M, University of Houston, Stephen F. Austin State University, Rice University, University of North Texas — and points beyond the Republic.

The book on which the retreat was based …

Available through PayPal in the side margin …

From Regina Orthodox Press

And Amazon.

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