Jesus with a Sword

Christ - Two Edged SwordOkay, so I didn’t get this icon.  But it is cool, no?

When I converted to Orthodoxy, it’s a long story, I took St Joseph the Betrothed as my patron saint.  My given name is David, born on June 26th.

That just happens to be the feast day for St David of Thessaloniki.  So, that’s the icon I got from Orthodox Christian Supply.

I cannot but say Amen to every word that Owen White writes about the quality of workmanship from Orthodox Christian Supply.

I will say, true story, this was the first time that I’ve had an icon in the altar for blessing that altar boys asked me where it came from!  That’s a testimony!

Check ’em out:  Orthodox Christian Supply

BTW, here’s the image of St David:  IMG_3344

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