My Beloved Christians,
Christ is Risen!
With the help of God we celebrated this year again the great days of the salvific Passion and the glorious Resurrection of our Lord.
However, despite the great blessings of these days, temptations were not absent. Thus, during Holy Week, the so-called Jehovah’s Witnesses launched in the region of Mesogeion and Lavriotiki proselytizing activity among Christians, with the purpose of confusing and acquiring unsuspecting followers.
What is even more unfortunate is that along the same lines others were moving, purporting to be preachers of the Gospel and self-proclaimed Christians, that is, followers of the Lord Jesus; people that we are supposedly in dialogue with for mutual understanding, were the same “deceiving and deceived”, in the middle of Renewal Week, in the area of Pallini and Pikermiou, sent phone messages by SMS, in an effort to attract “friends” who belong to the blessed body of our holy Church, to possibly include them in their religious organization, what they call “Abundant Life”, in order to, as they write, “save people”.
These, known by the name Evangelicals, have…
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