CSR, Session One – 2011 (Part 1)

Fr Mark by day.

Fr Mark by night.

Paul Fuller, day and night.

Breaking the ice …

on the first night.

Counselors jumping into it.

Five guys …

with mouth …


Where’s Jesus?
(Click to enlarge.)

Found Him!

It’s a serious place …

don’t let the smiles fool ya.

I mean, check out that serious “line judge”!

Folks kept asking, “Where’s Basil?” Problem was, he’d grown a foot or so since last year (shown here with Miss Sandy).

If you think Eddie’s dark now, wait till you see his face at Color Wars!

For now …

Onward and upward at Camp St Raphael (YaBoy!).

More to come!

Here’s an audio snapshot of CSR Session One:

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

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