50 + One Week

It was Saturday evening, June 25th; the Huneycutts, having just returned from North Carolina, were attending a graduation party at St George Church. It was getting late — especially for an old man who was to get up early the next morning, on his 50th birthday, to ride 8 hours on a bus with 30 kids for a week’s stay at Camp St Raphael.

I whispered to my wife: “I’m going to sneak over there to say ‘Hi’ to Alvaro, then I’m going to sneak out of that door … I’ll pull the car around, and y’all join me in a few minutes.”

She said “Okay” — then got up and left the table to visit with some folks. I reached down to her purse to get her keys, only to find them missing. I turned to my oldest and asked, “Where’s Mom’s car keys?” She said, “I think she has them in her hand.”

And so it was …

Over time, priests learn how to sneak out of affairs so as not to cause a commotion. But it’s bad form to make a hasty exit when that which deters you is chocolate cake (with your name on it)!

There’s no telling what I was saying to the woman who’s held the keys for 1/2 of those 50 years.

Whatever it was, she didn’t seem to mind. (I mean, there was chocolate cake 🙂

Next up — pics from Camp St Raphael Session One (where this was the first “movie” shown on the bus 🙂

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