Parishioners Say the Darndest Things …

Dear Father Joseph:

It is with great sadness that I report to you today, that St George has lost another life-long member of the parish. My one and only camera died Sunday as a result of a tragic accident in the St George Parish Hall. Cannon A530 was approximately 3 years old and a life long member of St George when he fell asleep in the Lord Sunday afternoon. He was happily capturing the joyous memories of the Slavic Luncheon by snapping pictures of the event when his owner was bumped rather hard by someone causing him to drop Cannon. Unfortunately his lens was still extended and was bent as a result of the fall and can no longer retract. Despite his owners best efforts to revive him he was pronounced dead on the scene. During his brief life span he was able to capture hundreds of special memories at St George Orthodox Church in Houston TX. The Trisagion Prayers for a deceased Camera were recited by his owner late Sunday afternoon. Burial was at his owners residence in Houston TX. Cannon A530 was a wonderful companion to many who knew him and an occasional thorn to some as well. He will be missed by all who knew him. He is survived by his owner Greg Quartararo and many friends …

Greg Quartararo

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