Ancient Faith Radio

The folks at AFR note:

“It’s been a little slower than usual in terms of donations this month so if you are able to help us meet our $11,000 April goal, we would appreciate it.”

Currently, they are $2,595 shy of the mark.

UPDATE: It’s now (9pm) down to $1,595 needed …

UPDATE: $1,138 needed (9am, 4/30).

UPDATE: Only $674 needed (5pm, 4/30).

UPDATE, MAY 1: Thanks for your help!

We came very close to meeting our April donation goal. Thanks to all of you who helped! Our May goal is $10,000. We budget an amount each month based on giving patterns to help us meet our expenses.

You can help support Ancient Faith Radio – HERE.

Speaking of AFR, having finally gotten some quality rest (does being in a 4-day daze count?), the Orthodixie Podcast concerning my recent trip to Syria should be updated by tomorrow.

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