And Now for a Word About … Hell

My daughter, vacationing in North Carolina, just texted me about a church sign she saw:

“Stop, drop, and roll won’t work in eternity’s smoking section.”

— Carthage, NC

(I wonder if this is referring to the incense used in the heavenly worship according to St John’s vision on Patmos … better known in those parts as: Revelations.) — Revelation 8:3-4

Do these signs work for such churches? I mean, does Stan say to Marge, as they ride by that very sign: “Shazam! That does it … I’m going to that church come Sunday!”

I’m thinking it was mainly 3rd graders who understood the first part (stop drop & roll) … and then a handful of fellas threw out their cigarettes misunderstanding the second part. If both groups, by way of this sign, learn how to stop burning or smoking … well, that’s a good thing.

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