American Orthodoxy: More Fun than a Barrel of Bishops

For those keeping score, during the course of this podcast I shall mention the words: sycophant, bishops, titles, convivial, cult, and Antiochian.

Ladies and Gentlemen, begging your indulgence in advance, this episode of the Orthodixie Podcast may end up as a rant – for which I shall not recant … As sure as Virginia’s my aunt … this here recording might even displease that guy … you know the one (last count, yes: 1) … the sycophant.

I am going to speak about Western Write.

As in: Eastern Orthodox, er, Western Write … er.

As a side note, I shall admit – with my bishop’s blessing, I am biritual. Though, with only a few services under my belt, it’s not become habitual. Stop it! To self, I say; lest you alienate listeners who’ve, to this point, been most convivial.

By the way, speaking of sycophants and convivial, two conversations I’ve enjoyed most recently were both had at the Antiochian Archdiocesan Convention in Palm Desert, California.

Let’s begin with … oh, sycophant:

A sycophant is: a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite.

And, Lord only knows, every author wants a few of those!

Heh … just kidding.

It is nice when someone appreciates your work. Take for instance, I was sitting at table with some strangers at a meal during the Antiochian Archdiocesan Convention when a man asked: “Father, are you the one who wrote that book, One Flew Over the Onion Dome?”

“Is that good or bad?” I asked.

“Oh! Good!” he said.

I said, “Well, in that case – Yes, I am the author.”

“What would you have answered if I’d said that was bad?” he asked.

I replied that I would have said, “Pass the guacamole.”

We laughed.

I said, “But, no, One Flew Over the Onion Dome was indeed my first book.”

For the rest of the meal – I mean, at least for a few moments – he looked at me with wide eyed amazement.

Then he said something else – but due to the loud Mariachi Band, I couldn’t hear him … but, judging him a big fan, I was eager to hear. I leaned closer …

I said, “What’s that?”

He repeated:

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