Orthodox Houston on Russian TV (Путешествие в США, часть 1)

A while back, a Russian television crew was in Texas filming a segment for the popular Russian news show “Orthodox Encyclopedia”. The film crew spent an afternoon at St George, Houston. This link will take you to a 24 minute video segment, in Russian, which begins at the state capitol in Austin. At about 10:22 into the segment, Fr John Salem shows the host of Encyclopedia, Fr Alexey Uminskiy (Протоиерей Алексий Уминский), our church. I come in a little later, at the 12:00 mark.

It may take a while for the video segment to load; I recommend: Hit play, hit pause … come back to it in 5-10 minutes and play should remain constant depending on your computer set-up/connection

Now, honest to goodness, the part where I show Fr Alexey my books, One Flew Over the Onion Dome and Defeating Sin was staged and set up — as presented — by the producer of the piece. But it looks like, as Fr John Whiteford (who forwarded me the link) said to our Houston Clergy Association: “Fr. Joseph manages to plug his books to the Russian audience for this TV show.”

Heh heh …

More on the crew’s visit to Houston may be found here.

Here’s the website (in Russian) for Fr Alexey’s parish in Russia.

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