Ancient Image of Ss Peter & Paul

This faded face, with a pointed beard and furrowed brow, is believed to be the oldest image in existence of St Paul the Apostle.

Vatican archaeologists uncovered the fresco in a catacomb beneath Rome with the help of a laser, which cleared away centuries of grime, clay and limestone.

The image was created in the 4th century, according to Barbara Mazzei, the director of work at the catacomb.

Oops! Wrong image. (But, Peter & Paul are often pictured together, similarly, in iconography. For those on the so-called New Calendar, Happy Feast!)

Hang on …


The whole story of this remarkable find: HERE.

And, on this Feast Day, the story of finding/uncovering of St Paul’s relics – HERE.

We’ll leave the whole controversy around the finding/unveiling of the — THE — Ark of the Covenant for another day.





And, here, too.

UPDATE: Here’s a news story that makes for good reading on the current controversy surrounding the location/unveiling of the Ark of the Covenant.

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