Hot Rockin’, Flame Throwin’, But Old Timey

Ladies and Gentlemen …

Welcome to the inaugural edition of my new Orthodox radio program: Hot Rockin’, Flame Throwin’, But Old Timey!

Gone will be that sweet ol’ homey Orthodixie Podcast show intro, swapped out for a hipper & edgier sound. Ready? (Oh, I can’t wait to debut this!) Here goes:

[insert Hot Rockin’, Flame Throwin’, But Old Timey show intro]

This will be a radio talk show where I not only have callers, but will also be airing some commercials … once we get some sponsors, of course. If you would like to sponsor this radio program, please contact the EOC (Eastern Orthodox Christian) Network at 1-800-COR-RECT.

That’s 1-800-COR-RECT.

Perhaps the most innovative portion of the show will be the News Bulletin Alerts …

I know, I know … everyone’s caught up in Orthodox newsy gossip these days – what, with all the goings on here and abroad, with bishops, websites, patriarchs, listserves, synods, Yahoo groups, seminars and all … and Hot Rockin’, Flame Throwin’, But Old Timey wants to keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings …

* * * * * News Alert Stinger * * * * *

Uhhp! There it is, hot off the wire, ladies and gentlemen … this just in:

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

Image Source

Thanks to all who submitted evangelism ideas — and congrats to all 7 winners who will each be receiving a copy of The SmallTown Heroes new CD, “Lo, the Hard Times”.

To buy your copy of Lo, the Hard Times (and help build an Orthodox church) — go HERE.

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