Be the 5th Caller Now!

Back in the day, the DJ would say: “Be the 97th caller to win!”

You don’t think he actually answered the phone for 96 losers do ya?

Nope. In my experience we’d answer and say, “You’re caller 3” … “Your caller 10” … “Caller 25” … etc.

[I mean, what if listeners were lazy or few and the same gal kept hearing “You’re caller number one!” Then, “You’re caller two!” … etc.]

I have no idea how it works with modern radio contests, but here at Orthodixie it works like this …

Listen to last week’s podcast rebroadcast for info on how to win a free CD — “Lo, the Hard Times” — by The SmallTown Heroes.

This. Is. A. Great. CD.

The group is composed of Orthodox Christians who are trying to build a new Orthodox church in Indiana. I don’t care much for what passes as “Contemporary Christian Music”, praise music — or any of that stuff. But I do appreciate good folk-country-bluegrass. I like “Lo, the Hard Times” very much. You will, too.

Trust me.

Plus, I need your help — check out the podcast for contest details and pop me an email with the needed ideas at Orthodixie At Aol Dot Com.


(Contest ends tomorrow — so “call” now!)

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