This is STILL Not the Funniest Blog

Things won are done, joy’s soul lies in the doing.
— William Shakespeare

Once again this blog is nominated in the annual Eastern Christian New Media Blog Awards in the funniest category.

This year, I’m up against The Onion Dome (which I didn’t even know was a blog! 🙂

For a limited time, vote here.

Over the past couple years I’ve directed most of the funny stuff (hopefully, that is) to the Orthodixie Podcast.

But, FWIW, Some of my favorite posts, re-posts, and teasers are listed below.

Pictures and captions from Camp St Raphael, 2008.

Camp St Raphael audio highlights (including the song “DOWAMA Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Clergy!“)

The video posting of the holiest dish in the South brought lots of emails.

Then there’s always marital stuff.

Here’s an olympic swimming event you may have missed — check it out!

Purty funny stuff, dat: Expect a Miracle

Orthodoxy, Christianity – Just Harder.

Jesus is My Friend

The “Virgin Mary” on a grape.

Putting the Fun in Dysfunction Since AD 33

Lots of Comments on a Serious Post.

Someone just told me that this — The Frost is on the Pumpkin — was one of their favorites.

Much Ado About Despota — a teaser for a podcast about bishops.

Speaking of bishops … A visit to the endodontist and a vision of JONAH Paffhausen.

Cat lovers (even haters) will appreciate this.

The complete 2008 Podcast Review.

Ah, yes … Meletios Metaxikis Makes a Maalox Moment.

What’s that you say, Jesus Was A Jay Dub?

Then there was that whole flap about about Orthodox “Priestesses”.

The one that I’m surprised didn’t — may, still, yet — get me fired.

It’s true … I did not sleep with that [Canaanite] woman.

Podcast script from My Cup of Joe Runneth Over.

Written interview with Dr Barsanuphius Indadark.

Have you ever had to visit the Orthodox Urgent Care Hospital?

Proof that this is not the funniest blog: This old letter about leaving the Church that brought many comments and email.

The passing of a very humorous gentleman. God don’t make ’em like this no mo. Memory Eternal!

No one understood my cryptic message which came out on the heels of the February 24th statement, just prior to Lent, of the Holy Synod of Antioch. Hint, hint.

I just love this picture.

Speaking of that Antiochian stuff, here’s a teaser for a podcast speaking of that Antiochian stuff.

PK Pics from Pascha plus a Pal.

This one was rejected by a few and enjoyed by many. Do. Not. Go. Here.

(Wait. I told you not to go there! For heaven’s sake, don’t go here either.)

Here’s a teaser for a podcast that got a “face-lift” — worth a (re)listen thanks to DJ Ron “Doh!” Smith.

Tok pravda .. tis true … it may even be you!

God for a day (sorta, at least a few minutes) — this one even received honorable mention on Fr David Smith’s podcast, Harmony of Thunder.

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