Gossip Girl (and Boy) Prayer

This is a prayer I found on the Net and have “orthodoxized” (for what it’s worth, for personal use).

O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God,
How Divinely pure are Thy thoughts!
Thy Words only reflect wonders,
Parables worthy of searching minds.
I earnestly strive to follow after Thee.
Help me, O Lord, to respect others,
That I may never gossip against anyone.
Guide me in the righteous path of life,
Where sensational gossip does not exist.
If by Thy will, my intervention is required,
Guide me to extinguish the attacks of others,
O Thou, Who art the glorious light of truth!
For to Thee are due all glory, honor, and worship
together with Thy Father and the Holy Spirit, now
and ever and unto the ages of ages.


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