“… for the Ko-ran tells me so”

The following comment was left on this blog in reference to this old post (note – the link for the bumper sticker has expired).

For the sake of peace and tolerance we should read books of other faiths. Quran is the only book with its original text intact. It is the only book that confirms and respects Jesus and Moses (and other biblical prophets as well). Knowledge never hurts. Intolerance does and it comes from lack of knowledge. God bless all my christian brothers and sisters. There is old testament, there is new testament and there is final testament and just as jesus said I have come to revive the law. The book given to Jesus was injeel, in Aramaic. Unfortunately it is not available anywhere. Oldest bible is in ancient greek in museum. Present bible is according to mark,mathew, john and lukes but not according to Jesus. Quran is that revival of law that Jesus refers to. Muhammad was last prophet sent to do the work that was left incomplete.

— Muhammad

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