Letters from the Old Country

Here at the Orthodixie Headquarters we are blessed, from time to time, to receive letters – emails – from the Ancient Faith faithful.

Just for fun, here’s a few …

Dear Fr Joseph,

I am new to Orthodoxy, having converted last Pascha, and since that time I’ve heard the phrase “back in the Old Country” many, many times.

Just what does this mean – the old country – and, I feel stupid asking … just where is it?

Lost in Indiana

Dear Fr Joseph,

My sister goes to a church – not an Orthodox church – that is very contemporary & politically correct; they even say the Lord’s prayer beginning with the words “Our Mother, who art in heaven” … And, of course, they have a woman priest. Do you see such innovations coming to Orthodoxy?

Sally in San Antonio

Greetings Abouna,

I need some clarification. Like many good people, I receive a plethora of forwarded emails on a daily basis – many of which, lately, have involved politics and the candidates running for election.

For instance, some have said that George Bush was the devil.

Others warn that Barack Obama is the devil.

And, still others claim that Sarah Palin is Ol’ Scratch.

What say ye?

Tim in Tennessee

Dear Fr Joseph,

Oxford University just released their list of top ten irritating phrases, things like:

At the end of the day

I personally

At this moment in time

With all due respect

and … 24/7

Are there any words or phrases, within Orthodox parlance, that you find irritating?


Sean in Cheyenne

For the answers to these questions, tune in …

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