The Passions & the … Virtuosos?

Funny. It was Fr Charles Caldwell at Nashotah House who first introduced me to the spiritual warfare involving the Passions and the Virtues — PALE GAS, even — and he was an opera lover who’d married an opera singer. (I dedicated Defeating Sin to him.)

Now this.

On another note, and please forgive me here, I heard a really bad joke the other day.


Q. What’s the difference between an Episcopal Bishop and an Orthodox Bishop?

A. Lipstick

Anyway, that’s a bad segue disguised as an introduction to GetReligion‘s new sword wielder, Elizabeth Eisenstadt Evans. Though it might be painful, depending on how you look at it, you’ll find one of her first offerings here.

(Please, when you repeat it, do not attribute that joke to me. After all, it’s only aesthetically true. 🙂

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