This is not the funniest blog. (Part 3)

Awards notwithstanding, this is still not the funniest blog. Sometimes, there’s a rant or two. But some, funny or not, seem worth a read …

Kids at Christmas. Aren’t we all?

It’s obvious: Cows Can’t Spell.

Sometimes I simply post FWDs from folks. The one about Gilligan’s Island brought in a lot of traffic.

Making fun of Southerners, even for Southerners, is always fun (not to mention Blondes).

There are times when humour fails and rants are in order. Forgive me.

After all those years of books, movies, televangelists and the like — The number of the Beast was finally revealed.

I still find this one funny: a visual & a song.

This post, a review on the first Narnia movie, was the last (on this blog) to feature a comment from Mary “Stolzi” Stolzenbach. May her memory be eternal!

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