This is not the funniest blog. (Part 2)

As previously mentioned, awards notwithstanding, this is not the funniest blog. However, here’s some past posts which, at least to me, were fun well worth reading.

Back in January of 2005, Of Course Sponge Bob is Gay sought to understand Dr James Dobson’s campaign against beloved cartoon characters. (None of the old links in that piece are essential — nor do they now work — except the final one, which is essential.)

Forgive me, but before I moved to Houston I used to say: “There’s two kinds of bad drivers: women … and men who drive like women.” Saudi Arabia might want to take note. (Since moving to Houston I have discovered that I can no longer properly define “bad driving.” I’m just a man.)

REMEMBER: Always turn those cell phones off in church (especially on Good Friday).

This is not really funny, I’m not even sure it makes sense, like bad drivers in Houston: all things are relative.

Back before all her broadcast sorrows, bizarre as it may seem, there was a connection between Britney Spears and the “Gospel of Judas.”

Speaking of Judas, here’s a piece on my visit to the parish of St Judas the Wonderwinker (some links, like the veracity of Judas’s Gospel, have expired).

More later …

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