Ancient Faith … Changes

AFR founder John Maddex announced this week, “It is a joy to introduce our second streaming station at Ancient Faith Radio called Ancient Faith Talk. Our survey results this past fall revealed a common thread of thought from our listeners, ‘Please give us a second station to house all of the wonderful podcasts and keep your first station primarily music.’ So starting on Saturday, January 19, you will have Ancient Faith Music, Ancient Faith Talk, and Ancient Faith Podcasts (for download).”

On Ancient Faith Talk, each hour of the day will feature several of our podcasts, interviews and lectures. Since the lengths of our features vary, some hours will have less talk than others but each hour will have ample and substantive programming with the hour filled out with English language music and readings.

Ancient Faith Music will then be preserved to showcase the wonderful music of the Church interspersed with short inspirational quotes from the Fathers, the Psalms and liturgical verses. The collection of podcasts for free download at your convenience also continues to grow. Our 18 unique features will be joined by at least a half dozen more in the next couple of months. Be looking for new and regular podcasts from people like Father Thomas Hopko, Father Michael Oleska, Father John Hainsworth, Father Hans Jacobse, and more.

Visit Ancient Faith Radio to discover Ancient Faith Music and Ancient Faith Talk!

The above News Release was stolen from the newly designed Antiochian Webpage

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