Some Notes on Prayer (I)

Funny. Sometimes you only find that what you’ve been looking for when you’re looking for something else entirely. The following quotes are from my seminary days — Ascetic Theology 2 — with Bishop Brother John Charles. Worth a read (if you can find the time) …

“Make time for people.”

“Human sexuality is never holy and not always expressed genitally.”

“Without honesty, we bring an unreal person to a god of our own devising.”

“We are supposed to be part of the answer.”

“Faith, Hope, and Love … the most important things to pray for increase.”

“Scars are places of healing. They only become running sores when we pick at them.”

“If the flesh is evil, the Incarnation is an impossibility.”

“Set free FOR, not set free from.”

“Prayer is not giving God info that He’d not possess lest we told Him. Prayer is not persuading God to do some (moral) action He’d not do unless we ask Him. Prayer is not magic.”

“Do not waste pain. It buys you power.”

“Prayer is not an easy way of getting what I want — but, the only way of becoming what God wants me to be.”

“With practice the [music] prayer [plays] prays itself.”

“Prayer must be the most important thing in my life.”

“We can only learn to pray all the time — when we learn to pray some time.
We can only find God everywhere — when we find Him here (in us).”

“We see ourselves when we see God.”

To be continued …

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