OCMC Needs Teachers in Albania

HELP WANTED: missionaries for 2-year commitments to serve growing educational projects in Albania. Currently the Orthodox Church, under the direction of His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios, runs a number of kindergartens and two primary schools, with plans to expand the existing program through high school.


· trained teachers with elementary and/or high school experience

· school administrators


· Teachers: teach special subjects (math, science, computer skills, English)

· Administrators:

organize and oversee the daily operations of a school run by the Orthodox Church of Albania.

collaborate with Albanian staff who know the state requirements

supervise and train Albanian teachers, especially introducing them to American teaching methods

EXPERIENCE NEEDED: good professional and organizational skills, sound judgment, and problem-solving abilities are most important. ESL is helpful. Actual teaching experience a bonus. Potential administrators must be comfortable working with and supervising teachers who have 15-20 years experience.

Albanian teachers appreciate American teaching experience and educational methods, which brings a fresh approach to formal school for the students. In the fall of 2006, Protagonists Albanian-American School (grades 1-4) in Tirana will graduate its first class of 4th graders, and plans to open an upper elementary school. As the name implies in Albanian, these children become positive forces “for a society of hope and love” – the school’s motto.

Orthodox Christians interested in applying should call Maria Gallos, OCMC Director of Missionaries, toll-free at 877-463-6784. E-mail: missionaries@ocmc.org. To download an application, go HERE. For more about the Orthodox Christian Mission Center, visit their website.

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