White Cars Are for the Birds, Etc

There’s a new Orthodox Bookstore Website … right here.

In addition to Dawn’s & my comments on the recent Billy Graham Crusade, HERE’s Jan Bear’s.


If the heretics deny scripture outright and the liberals reinterpret it to the specifications of modernism, the Evangelical method of nullifying the Word of God is to ignore what they don’t like and substitute something they prefer, slathering down the whole process with pious claptrap and painfully tendentious “scholarship.” The egalitarians of this generation sound very much like their fathers, referring, in their own fashion, to “the original Greek” to show that Jesus didn’t make real wine at Cana, or that wives aren’t really expected to “obey” their husbands.


Some have fought harder for this than others. Some have been scarred along the way. May God grant a peaceful reconciliation to the Russian Orthodox Church.

THE Anglican Church of the US gave the first justification yesterday of its decision to consecrate an openly homosexual man to the episcopate, arguing that same-sex unions can be open “to God’s blessing and holy purposes” in the same manner as marriage. Read it.
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What Tom Cruise is and what he believes

According to experts and the church’s own literature, OT-VII (”OT” stands for Operating Thetan, “thetan” being the Scientology term for soul) is the penultimate tier in the church’s spiritual hierarchy — the exact details of which are fiercely guarded and forbidden to be discussed even among top members. It is where a Scientologist learns how to become free of the mortal confines of the body and is let into the last of the mysteries of the cosmology developed by the church’s longtime leader, science fiction novelist and “Dianetics” author L. Ron Hubbard. This cosmology also famously holds that humans bear the noxious traces of an annihilated alien civilization that was brought to Earth by an intergalactic warlord millions of years ago.

This just in! Benny Hinn’s not packin em in … Can his ministry be healed? (That’s the 4 million dollar question.)

Finally …

Birds Prefer to Poop on White Cars
More H E R E.
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