Monster Truck!

Fr John Whiteford, shown here in 2001 with my son & his Godson, Basil, posted recently about his early investigation of Orthodoxy. As you can see, Fr John ended up hairy & bedecked.

Back before he was a priest, I traveled to Houston to serve St Jonah‘s feast day services. Fr John picked me up wearing a cassock & cowboy boots; dark sunglasses for the glare, and a camouflage ball cap to hold the hair down while traveling with the windows open. I was being chauffeured by ZZ Top.

All of this is to say, Fr John, that your Godson and I went to a Monster Truck show last week. If you couldn’t imagine yourself dressed like a priest, I never saw myself at a Monster Truck show.

You’d have fit right in. ‘Cept maybe for the dress.

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