The Goddess & the Corruption of Love

Saying “I love you” in today’s world, assuming youngsters still do, seems tantamount to saying “I Do” — back when young folks still did. But most don’t, at least not within the popular media, and therefore sex is deemed the be-all-end-all of relationships.

The devils must laugh. Sex, sex, sex. As if we invented it. One thing’s for certain, we’ve made misuse of it. We’ve elevated sex to virtue status. Once we made sex, in and of itself, a virtue, then God’s got to be for it … right? I mean, after all, God is love … right? Obviously something’s wrong.

It wasn’t long ago that twisted thinking imagined Our Lord’s relationship with John, the Beloved Disciple as, well, twisted. Now that Gnosticism and Goddess-ism is all the rage — again — it’s Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

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