Cradle Clarion Call!

Dear Fr Joseph,

I want to tell you how much I enjoy your writings and insight regarding our Holy Orthodox faith. I was raised Orthodox in … the so called Russian tradition. After moving … some twenty two years ago, I sort of “fell away” from any consistent practice and relationship with our Lord. About seven years ago I discovered [an OCA parish] … That “convert” church really saved my spiritual life. It seems that the converts, through the glory of God, are teaching us who simply inherited this holy faith. I am very thankful to God for all of these wonderful folks who have struggled along and arrived at the true faith.

Now I will say this as one who had to attend Russian school and Russian jr. choir, and as one who loves Slavonic, and has a hunky surname:


We can no longer afford to have separate ethnic archdioceses and try to evangelize a nation that is seeking the truth. Every time a protestant group goes off half baked with their liberal theology (gay this, gay that, denial of the Trinity,etc.) we as Orthodox need to make our presence known, and to open our hearts to help those who are searching for truth. We can’t do this as a divided church or even under SCOBA. In my mind I think that none of the Bishops want to loose their territory or job. Well I got news for them, there is plenty of work to do in this country. Too many people are just sitting on their porches reading the Sunday paper instead of being in church. I am fearful we as Orthodox are missing the boat about our witness of the gospel in this country. Waiting for next year or for the passing of the Ecumenical Patriarch is not good enough. The young generation of Orthodox I hope will not continue the foolishness of their grandparents and parents. Thanks for letting me vent. May our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless your ministry.

in Christ,

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