Conspiracies, Etc.

Thanks: Classical Anglican
Bishop Bart?

Anthony Esolen … May God grant him many years! Go
… scroll down.

Pope John Paul II makes headlines: Dog Bites Man
(i.e., Gay Marriage is Evil)

Just the other day I lamented losing some material — namely, “Sacraments for Space Aliens” — when my laptop crashed. For fun, I signed off that blog post with the odd Dan Rather line, “Courage.” Well the conspiracy continues. Now ABC’s Peter Jennings, himself (no doubt) an alien, is doing a news report on UFOs tomorrow night (Thursday, Frb.24th).

When I went to the ABCNews site, I mistook the wording of one of the news stories. Here’s what I read: Bush meets with aliens. On second reading, I noticed it said allies.

Thickens the plot … after my post linking the radio show Coast to Coast AM, the local station canceled it! Coincidence?

Then there’s the fact that I lost a piece that I’d been feverishly working on — on The DaVinci Code. Computer virus = gone. Now tell me THIS is a coincidence! Thanks: Thunderstruck

Finally, no fruit only nuts today, I never knew that Mary Magdalene wrote the Fourth Gospel (commonly attributed to St John the Theologian). Caution: Hooey alert.
How’d a find out?
A little Mermaid (aka M.S.) told me.

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