LEBANON – Balamand, Nourieh, Kaftoun, Etc (final)

Finally, some pics to round out my 2017 tour of Lebanon. Previous posts may be accessed here.

Balamand Monastery with the abbot, Fr Romanos

I never realized that seminarians at the Balamand could day dream whilst staring off into the Mediterranean.

The Metropolitan PHILIP athletic complex at the Balamand.

Med view from the School of Theology, Balamand.

Main entry to the St John of Damascus School of Theology, Balamand.

Fr Bassam Nassif was my tour guide for the day around Hamat, Nourieh, etc.

Our Lady of Nourieh Monastery

That’s Tripoli in the background; me at Nourieh.

Hamatoura Monastery, from a distance.

Ha! An iWitness to the Annunciation?

At St Phocus Church, about 20 minutes from Balamand, where Fr Bassam Nassif is the pastor.

Icon of St Phocus.

St Phocus Church, where iconographers from Russia were beautifying the Temple.

With Fr Bassam in Koura.

The dean of the School of Theology/Balamand, Fr Porphyrios.

Our Lady of Kaftoun Monastery.

You can listen to a podcast of my spring 2017 tour of Lebanon HERE.


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