LEBANON – Beirut (Days 2-3)

Lebanon/Beirut – Day One.

ben op

Papa Joe’s Lebanon trip reading fare.

mc school

MC on the JOB.

day 2 sch playgrnd

School playground – where my daughter worked.

st geo ash

St George/Ashrafieh (Beirut)

st geo

St George/Ashrafieh (Beirut)

fr j st geo

Fr Justin giving us a tour of St George/Ashrafieh (Beirut).

fr justin uv

Fr Justin and his office assistant, UV.

day 3 sursock

Nicholas Sursock museum.

olg stairs

Makes a dad in the States feel a little better knowing that his daughter in Lebanon has to pass a “graceful reminder” on her way up the stairs each evening.

day 3 girls w Nou

My daughter and her British flat mates (with an image of, and a toast to, Mr Nouhad Bassila who couldn’t make the trip but “sponsored” our dinner ;).

Listen to the Orthodixie podcast of my tripHERE.

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