Kronstadt Not: Fr Danislav’s Hoaxters House of Industry

FakeHomelessToronto0001So I’m sitting in my office at church, glancing – every now and then – out of my window, awaiting the faithful to show for Adult Class on a Tuesday morning.

There’s a homeless guy.

He’s staggering up the drive toward the church.

He’s drinking a tall can of beer.

It’s 9:40 AM.

I observe him … one big gulp … 2nd gulp … 3 sip’s a charm … AARGH! Breakfast of champions.

He then crushes the can and flings it into the church yard.

Then, forgive me this, right in the church driveway – 20 yards from the street — he begins to fiddle with his pants zipper.

That was enough!

I, dressed in cassock and cross, went flying out the door … and headed down the hill toward my tempter …

Listen to it all on …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio!

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