HOUSTON: Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers, 2014

Living as an Orthodox Christian in a Secular Society – Fr Daniel Payne, Associate Pastor of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, preaches during the Houston Orthodox Clergy Association‘s annual Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers at St Joseph Church, Houston (March 9, 2014).

Audio:  HERE

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Front, from the left: Deacon Meletios Marx, Fathers Symeon Kees, James Early, Daniel Payne, Gabriel Karam, Serge Veselinovich, Joseph Huneycutt, Hieromonk John, Anastasios Raptis, Michale Lambakis, Anthony Baba, Forty James Shadid. Back: Fathers James early, Gregory Gibson, John Whiteford, Dejan Tiosavljevic, Dimtry Tagaropulos, George Dahdouh, Richard Petranek.

Choir Rehearsal before the service; Andy Ghiz directing.

Even the gathered faithful sang with gusto!

Serving as Altar Boy is serious business.

Especially when you have to keep moving about.

Capable Chanters (aka Fathers James Shadid, James Early & Anthony Baba.


The Western Litany by the Saints of America.

And then the Light came in …


Lordy, Lordy … FJ’s 40!

Meanwhile, in the Hall the Ladies were preparing for the repast.

Um. St Nicholas of Japan is one of the saints portrayed in our Baptistery.





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