Played with Death (But Passed Through the Tollhouse in Clean Underwear!)

If you happened to be driving down Highway 52 in Albemarle, North Carolina on an April afternoon in 1978, right there by Prospect Road …

Yep, that was me:  in my light blue tux on my way to pick up my date for the Junior–Senior prom. It was sprinkling rain, my Monza 2+2 was totaled.

Oh, and not only that, there were about 50 record albums (LPs) and a stereo set scattered all over the highway. You see, earlier that day, there was the annual “Spring Fling” dance outside the school buildings on the patio. I was the DJ.

I didn’t know this word back then, but:   Haram.

Fast forward to a middle aged man on the side of the road, this time dressed, not in a tux … but all in black.

It was Bright Thursday, four days after the annual midnight celebration of PASCHA and, for whatever reason, that morning as I was backing out of my driveway, headed to church for Bright Thursday Liturgy, I felt at one with …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio

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