Somewhere in the Kingdom (Pt 4, final)

Just a few more pics to finish out our recent trip to the UK in honor of 25 years.
Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Yes, it’s true.  Some of us learned to “text” on these.  These were in …

The Islay Woolen Mill.
After 3 great days on Islay, it was time to struggle through the local airport …

Boarding the flight back to the mainland …
An added measure of security.

So long Paps!

Back to Edinburgh — where we found this guy, again, working for “nickles”.
Haggis for the Mrs.
Had a late lunch with expats from St Joseph’s — Don & Jen Walker.
While the women shopped.
Lots of artsy types trying to make a Pound in these parts …
This guy plays a mean saw.
One final glimpse …
… of Edinburgh.  On south to …

Our youngest, while viewing these pics, said:

“It looks like Harry Potter!”

Upon repeating that statement to Hierodeacon Benedict recently …

I learned that they did, indeed, use Durham Cathedral and Castle for scenes in HP!

I believe there’s young Master Radcliffe now …

Our nighttime view of the Cathedral from our B&B; window …
And, the following morning.
Zoom in.
And, the Castle (which was closed during our visit).
So ends the photo-blogging of our 25th; more to come on our 50th (soon).
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