Somewhere in the Kingdom (Pt 1)

“I’d like to go to Scotland,” she’d said.
So, after 25 years, what’s a man to do?
Sage advice:  Yes, Dear!
First, London.

Coulda gotten her a room here …
But there were mixed reviews.

Took a little trip down the Thames.

You can’t see Big Ben from this angle.  Why?

“Because Big Ben’s a bell.”  (Royal Mile, Edinburgh)
A very unOrthodox house.  (John Knox’s)

Arthur’s Seat.

Old guy standing on the Seat …
… finds lovely woman.

The gate at Holy Rood, bottom of the Royal Mile (and Arthur’s Seat).
A peek through the gate.

Edinburgh Castle

The oldest building still standing on Castle grounds …

Me and Mary (Queen of Scots).

Coronation of Robert the Bruce.

On our 5th anniversary, we were at Chartes Cathedral, France … and witnessed a wedding.
20 years later, a wedding at St Margaret’s.

Rainy day on the bus to Glascow.

The west side of Scotland reminds of Western North Carolina.

On the ferry to Islay …


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