Camp St Raphael – One, 2012 (final)

Part One; Part Two; Part Three.  Podcast One; Podcast Two.

As you can see, Ladies and Gentlemen, there’s some sort of deal being made here between Mr 3 and a blood brother (notice the red on the ring finger).

Believe me, it does not go unnoticed by Fettucini Al Simmons.

Fettucini Al Simmons?!  Heavens, I’m Alfredo!

In light of these events, the faithful campers came together to pray.  Wait.  See the guy in the red shirt?

Yes, that one.

Keep your eye on him, Mr Mike!

Mr Mike has his eye on him from the altar — but, it’s too late … Big Red has vanished.  That’s Fr GQ GE (otherwise known as Padre Tulsa of Tony’s Big House) calming the gathered faithful.

Looks like Big Red was not the only amigo to go missing …

Pious?  Sure.  But see the guy with the specs on his head?  You might remember him this way:

Do not be alarmed.

Even in the midst of such shenanigans, Dom Has finds time to paint a young girl’s nails.

Papa Joe, otherwise known as:

Uhp, never mind.

Aha!  See that?  Sir Treksa Lot, otherwise know as WhasDatUSay, sprinkles the magic dust known as DLAF (um, dance like a fool) into the unsuspecting camper’s water — it’s trance inducing.

Yep … they’re in an hypnotic trance.  This is definitely a case for:
No … guess again. 


Wait, wait!  Oh well …

 Brownie Fuller looks suspicious.

“Wait.  Did you say brownies?”

“Please, do get on with it:  Whom do we trust?”

K … I reckon.

Any way … got ’em rounded up.  Who’s to blame?  Gotta be someone from H-town.  Can you spot ’em in this lineup?  

Aha!  Those tiger disguises don’t fool us!  The main culprits at Camp St Raphael are none other that the CeeEee Sisters.

“Whew!  Glad that’s over.”

Till next year, so long from Camp St Raphael — YaBoy!

Listen to …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

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