Camp St Raphael – One, 2012 (2 of 4)

For Part One of this series, click HERE.

All seems quiet, looking back toward the St Herman building and St Raphael Chapel (hidden by the trees), but …
Word has come down from the highest sources that there is a MONSTER in our midst!

The Campers were quickly assembled to be warned of the pending threat.

“Be prepared!  Be vigilant!  Be forewarned!” — cried the Boss!

Worry can be seen etched in the faces of the faithful, especially the young camper to the right — as well it should be, for LOOK:

The sight of the MONSTER proved too much for some of the weaker brethren.
But not for Captain Watt Siss Faze.
Nor for this fearless (and happy) group of vigilantes known as BeeDay TwoYous. 

From high atop the tower …

To the lowly on the ground …
Even to the hallowed halls …

“Would you please get on with it!?”

A battle raged, engulfing all …

Okay … Almost all.  To battle the MONSTER:

Arrgh!  Er, wait.  To battle the MONSTER:

Hmmm.  Hang on a sec.  To battle the MONSTER:

Oh well.  It’ll come to me …
Look!  There it is!  Who knew it could fly?!

Obviously, the multicolored nefarious creature scared the poor camper in white.

I‘m pretty sure the fellow holding the beast is none other than the famous Beat Boxer known as The Pinata Whisperer.

Those slain in battle were raised back to life by the power of the Pinata Poker.

The beast was burned in a little known area of Camp Takatoka known as Zowie Dass-hot.

As Watt Siss Faze did an about face (for greater dangers lurked elsewhere) …
The survivors celebrated mightily, having feasted on the spoils of the Monster’s spill.
“That’s all for now!  BYE!”

For Part One of this series, click HERE.

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