The Shy Single Christian’s Guide to Coffee Hour

by Thomas Eric Ruthford

There is only one place a man can ask a moral, religious woman he’s just met to stay for breakfast without getting slapped. It is church coffee hour.

Many a Christian single has wished to meet someone at church, both because shared faith gives shared purpose to a relationship and because you automatically have a meeting place for shared activities where you can get to know one another. Church is also a great place to make friends with people of your own sex, friends who can later connect you to someone special. But, if you’re like me, you have a difficult time working a crowd and collecting lots of phone numbers.

This challenge does not require you to be a smooth operator with pickup lines like, “Come here often? Oh, once a week? Funny, me, too!” or “What’s your favorite hymn?” or “I prophesied that I’d meet someone as wonderful as you here.”

Your purpose is to get acquainted with some new people, which involves um, yes, you know, talking. Really, you just need to start with something like, “Hi.” But, if you’re an introvert …

Read it all – HERE.

Thomas is the author of Heaven Help the Single Christian.

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