Past Christmas Podcasts

Here follows links to all the Orthodixie Christmas Podcasts.

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Thank you.

(Pics in order, top to bottom: My oldest cheering to victory the Carolina Panthers over the home team last Sunday; my youngest elbowing another play participant; my son just before eating a shark; the unsuspecting — long-suffering — Mrs.)

Santa Claus in my son’s — and my own — imagination (12/1/07):

Here Comes Santa!

I set out on a search for the Baby Jesus (12/8/07):

Baby Jesus by the Chimney

Just a few more days until the Nativity feast. With the fast, the shopping, the preparations….how are you doin’? Let us prepare? Yes. But regardless of how prepared we are, let us be thankful (12/15/07):

‘Twas the Week Before Nativity

Every year at this time we reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas. Here, I show, from Holy Scripture and from the Church Fathers, that Christmas is all about …. clothing (12/22/07):

The Skinny

I join Sir Paul McCartney, Alvin Chipmunk, José Feliciano and other Wailers in a journey down memory lane — eschewing the worldly sounds of the seasonfor some really bad (ghostly) percussion moments. Are you prepared? (12/6/08):

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas … Carol?

What do Charles Dickens, Buzz Lightyear, Vladimir Lossky, the Carolina Panthers, the Baltimore Colts, Angels, Shepherds, George Frideric Handel and Kawasaki all have in common? Surely to goodness nothing but this podcast! I am is visited by another “ghost.” (12/13/08):

The Ghost Of Past Christmas Presents

Okay, so the wife may not agree with my [re]posting this one, but (it was once “true”):

A vision of Bret Favre, along with the surprise of a Pittsburgh Steeler, join me (a husky seventh grade boy) on the playing field of … priestly ministry.

The Ghost Of Christmas Favre

And, last year’s contest winner:

The entries are in, the votes have been tallied — thanks to all who participated! We have three “winners”, Erin, Alex, and Adam: a kid’s story, and some kids telling stories.

Back When Christmas Was Younger

Most recently …

I bump into Mariah, the Grinch, and the Boston Pops, as he beats up a camera man, a mother, and a child—all in the name of “winter.”

Handel for Ho-Ho, Half Nelson for Noel, Hunger for Hesychia

A recollection of picking up a homeless Santa who helps the homeless (even grumpy clergy on their way home).

Last Year’s Santa Totes Gun, Sings Songs, Needs . . . Beer?

(By anticipation: Christ is Born!)

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