Last Year’s Santa Totes Gun, Sings Songs, Needs . . . Beer?

Houston has a goodly share of beggars and bridges. Most of the beggars – forgive me this – look the part, at home, if you will, under a bridge.

Some, however, do raise an eyebrow and serve to tempt:

“Why, he looks perfectly able and healthy – why can’t he get a job?!”

That one looked like Santa Claus.


I said, “That one looked like Santa Claus!”

Did you see him?

Then I realized I was talking to myself; it’d been one of those kinda weeks.


I was on my way home for the Advent Paraklesis service at church when, while turning left under a bridge, I spotted what looked to be Santa … begging.

“Now, wait a minute,” I thought!

He was holding a cardboard poster with some writing on it – but, thanks to the cold rain, I couldn’t quite make it out.

Hmmph. Not tonight, buddy! I didn’t give him anything. I mean, heck, he’s SANTA! What does one give Santa for Christmas?


I just drove on past, making my way toward the highway …

My last glance caught a twinkle in his eye and a bit of smile on his lips and …

Y’all, his sign read NEED BEER.

What is this world coming to?

I squeezed in between …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

Original posting – here.

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