7th Annual Winter Service Retreat for Older Teens & Young Adults

This gathering, which I was blessed to attend a few years back, is worth the drive, time, and sacrifice!

I would encourage any and all to avail themselves!

This year’s Retreat Master is Fr. Melitios Webber, Abbot of St. John of Shanghai Monastery in Manton, California.

TOPIC: Why Become (or Remain) Orthodox? How Do We Stand Up for & Live the Faith?

Why become or remain Orthodox rather than simply following the “easier” more populated versions of Christianity practiced by friends and society in general?

Why would/should we choose or continue on the more narrow path, which often includes isolation since most parishes are smaller and within which we have few if any peers?

How are we to become knowledgeable “apologists” and stand on a firm foundation in the faith? In everyday life? In times when we face special challenges and/or temptations?

How do we stand with our heads held high knowing that our beliefs are right and true?

How do we do this without being prideful or thinking “low” of our brothers and sisters in Christ outside of the Orthodox Church?

What are the real dividing lines which separate our Orthodox beliefs from those held by other Christians?

Dates: This year’s actual activities will begin on the morning of December 27th. People will travel, arrive and get settled in on the evening of December 26th. The event will end after Divine Liturgy and a meal on Sunday, January 1st, but anyone is welcome to stay until the following day before returning home.

Cost: $225.00 Per Participant – Includes all Food, Lodging, Local Transportation and Fees. Note:

Where: St. George Orthodox Church; Pharr, Texas – Rio Grande Valley of South Texas near the Texas-Mexico Border.

This retreat is open to Orthodox teens, college students, young adults, catechumens, inquirers and their friends of any Orthodox jurisdiction. We prepare food for those who are feasting and those who are still within the Nativity Fast.

Hands-on Orthodox Service Activities, Spiritual Talks/Sessions, Working Together, Fellowship & More!

Please publicize and share with others about this wonderful and life-changing event for Orthodox young people and their friends!

Go HERE for more information, as well as for application forms.

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