Pyramids, Pirates, Packers & Sand

The family normally goes camping over Thanksgiving break. But this year’s statewide burn ban dampened that prospect.

Where in the world … ?

See that? The right shoulder and most of the right lane: covered!

Pics do no justice to the size and scope of these dunes …

That’s the family car in the distance.

Where. Are. We?


In the dessert!

@ Thanksgiving!

“O, gee … that’s just great!”

Dad! We’re at South Padre Island!”

Actual quote: “Basil and I actually took a nice picture together!”

Case in point.

Need I say more?

No. Please stop.

You never know what you might find on the beach …

just make sure to get the wife to a TV in time for kick-off!

Someone had built a sand pyramid on the beach; I was determined to recreate Pink Floyd’s album cover get a shot of the sunrise by the artwork.

From mine to yours, a belated:

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